For the past few years the Hub Management Committee have worked on the idea of providing a creative, flexible community space inside an exciting new building called The Hub on the Thaxted Road, near the skatepark. We want it to be totally inclusive, serving the whole community. It will be a home for support and advice services and a venue for the arts, including performance, music, film, photography and a cafe.

In the plan are two small entrepreneurial workshops for starter businesses to promote engagement and empowerment. The Hub will operate as a Social Enterprise with all profits being fed back into the project. We think the Hub will be the place for energising body, mind and spirit, an inspirational space for everyone to use and enjoy.


Our Vision

Our vision is for the Hub building to be sited near the Lord Butler Leisure Centre and the World famous OneMinet Skatepark.

Our Challenge

We are very aware that funding is going to be challenging but having already raised well over half a million pounds for the skatepark, we do have the necessary experience to raise the money.

Business Plan

Once built, our Business Plan confirms the building as a sustainable project.

Our Team

The Hub Management Committee are a group of local adults and young people who volunteer their time and have a vision for a creative community centre promoting enterprise and engagement.


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