Community Sheds

Community Sheds is a new project which aims to create 3 ‘Sheds’ across West Essex.

The project will address the recognised need for men to have a ‘safe’ space to go, where they can feel valued, included and find peer support and networking opportunities. The Sheds will provide access to wider social networking opportunities, new activities and skills.

The project aims to establish three Sheds across West Essex, in Uttlesford, Harlow and Epping Forest Districts. There are no restrictions to where a Shed can be or what type of building can be used; it can be a shared space with another group, it does not even have to be a shed… some projects have made use of empty shops within a city centre and another a converted building on the edge of a cemetery. Shed participants will help shape what type of activities happen at their Shed;
it could be woodworking, gardening, metalwork or hobby crafts for example.

The CVSU Shed coordinator will support each Shed and its members in its set up, training, recruitment and engagement of new members, developing risk assessments and safe working practices and enabling the development of their future governance structure.

The first Shed to be established will be in Little Canfield, Uttlesford and will be on the site of the community co-operative Local Food (& More!).

For more information about how to get involved please contact:
Susan Hastings-Herbert
Tel: 01371 878400 Email:

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