Helping Our Feathered Friends

At this time of year, life can be tough for birds. Give them a helping hand, whether you have a big garden or a small window box.

Birds have to effectively feed throughout the hours of daylight in winter and consume a vast quantity of food – as much as 30% of their body weight, to make sure they build the necessary fat reserves to get them through the long, cold nights.

Birds will become dependent on the food you supply, so it is important to make sure your feeders are kept topped up to prevent them from having a wasted visit. Providing a fresh, ice-free supply of water is another cold weather essential – drinking and bathing is a vital part of the daily routine of birds.

What food can you leave out for birds?

Go to and see what you can do. One of our trustees has been a member of the RSPB for over 40 years and will offer advice to The Hub on bird protection in the future!

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