Idea Bomb!

So what’s Idea Bombing all about anyway?

Idea Bombing gives us the opportunity to stop, listen and think. Part meet-up, part pop-up bar, talk series and community brainstorm, it’s a new way to engage, surface creative ideas and promote ways of turning those ideas into reality.

Simply put, it’s an opportunity for you to make the town where you live more awesome. What sort of things need to happen to make this place a more playful, productive, sustainable, inclusive, creative and fun place for you to live?

Play can be transformative, change our thinking, push our boundaries and lead us to places we never imagined. A playful city is one that’s exciting, engaging and unifying, but whether at work or home, lifelong play is something we can strive for.

In 2013 the Sydney Idea Bomb kicked up a storm in Australia, it focused on un-tapping creativity in everyone and anything in a fun, social way: after a series of short talks, guest speakers bomb ideas to the crowd and then participants are asked to ‘bomb’ their ideas for what would make Sydney better, with great tunes and drinks on hand. Melbourne is hosting one in May.

Is this something we could do in Saffron Walden?

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