It’s International Happiness Day!

If you make one change this year, make it this – make yourself happy.

At the end of each day, take time to reflect and write down three things – no matter how small – that you’re grateful for.

Offer to buy someone’s coffee in the queue behind you – you’ll make their day! Carrying out kind deeds gives perspective and an ability to empathise with what people other than yourself are going through.

A key driving force behind an individual’s success and happiness can be found in the company they keep. You may not be consciously aware of it, but the people you hang around with can have a massive influence on your life.

If you’ve ever experienced an intense workout session, you’ll know how good it feels after. By regularly pushing your body and testing your limits, you don’t just become stronger, you become more productive, more energetic and in a better mood to handle whatever comes your way.

Put that smartphone/tablet/laptop aside and instead, begin each day by meditating for as little as 15 minutes. Meditation is a key habit of happiness as it helps you gain clarity and be more present by connecting you to your inner self.

Find joy in the present, for your life is made up of moments. Moments that if you fail to appreciate, will simply pass you by. And once they are gone, you can’t live them again.

The world is one gigantic classroom, yet many of us fail to explore it for all its wonder. Get into the habit of practising the art of happiness. Life’s far too short not to.

Words by Life designer Simon Alexander Ong.
Picture from Imagerymajestic.

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