Latest Up-date On The Hub Application

July 2015

Unfortunately we have lost the opportunity to provide a Community Hub building next to the skatepark as the recent Planning Appeal was dismissed by the Inspector. The Hub building was planned to be on the next door field and formed part of the original Kier application for homes to be built on the other side of the Thaxted Road.

We have no further information at the present time as to what Kier plan to do with their land but it is very sad that such a once-in-a-lifetime chance to provide something amazing for the community has been lost.

We may not have got our building yet but the Hub Management Committee will continue to lobby for community facilities across the town for all to enjoy.

May 2015

The latest information on the Kier application is that a decision is expected the first week in June 2015. Watch this space for more news!

March 2015

A brilliant presentation by the members and trustees of SWSG in support of the Kier application-we are all keeping fingers and toes crossed for a favourable decision in a few weeks!

The trustees and management committee of the Community Hub say a big thank you to the many people – local businesses, local residents, families, even people from abroad who have wished us well for a favourable outcome when the Kier application appeal is heard.

December 2014

The Kier application, which includes the land for the Community Hub building, has been adjourned due to a bereavement of one of the expert witnesses. We think that it will not be resumed before the end of February 2015. However, we are using the additional time to do yet further research on similar Community Hubs including an excellent one in Melbourn, near Royston, which includes a cafe and library. This has been a financial success and is a very popular venue in the village.

May 2014

The Kier planning application for the housing, a site for a primary school and the Community Hub building was refused on April 30th 2014. The appeal will be heard in front of an independent planning inspector commencing on Tuesday 9th December 2014.

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