New Charter For Health & Wellbeing

On 4th July 2016 the Ornamental Roundtable Health & Horticulture conference brought together 150 key stakeholders from public health, science, and horticulture, with policy makers from the government. Conference attendees drafted a Health & Horticulture Charter Framework that aims to incorporate horticulture into everyone’s life.

The Charter stands for working together for people, plants and the planet. Actions will be undertaken to:

  • Increase the number of GPs and clinical commissioning groups prescribing horticulture and gardening;
  • Embed existing evidence-based health principles into the design of horticultural activities and landscapes;
  • Challenge financial and any other systemic barriers;
  • Work with policy makers and commissioners to adopt a standard evaluation framework to promote the benefits of horticulture.

Horticulture presents an opportunity to improve our health and quality of life also helping reduce the country’s financial challenges in treating conditions such as mental health, obesity and physical inactivity, ageing and social isolation.

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