Parkour Becomes Barkour

Meet the prancing pitbull who is turning parkour into Bark-our.

Faced by three metre tall vertical walls, jumping Jim bounds up them with such ease that he puts most humans to shame.

The athletic three-year-old American pitbull effortlessly bounces off adjacent trees with his paws before leaping over park benches and through holes.

Walkies with owner Anna Kindlov√° are far from boring for the playful pup, who uses slides and bridges as his personal playgrounds before hurdling back and forth over park benches.

Anna, from Kladno, Czech Republic, said: “Jim just loves bouncing all over the place.

“As soon as I adopted him he would be jumping over high obstacles, just like parkour.

“Whenever we’re on a walk he doesn’t miss an opportunity to leap off trees or through holes in walls.

“He’s a real bundle of energy.”

Unsurprisingly, the parkour pooch – who was adopted from a shelter aged six-months – draws a lot of attention from passing pedestrians.

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