Prepare to feel a pang of envy, courtesy of a 10-year-old

The agonisingly cool Sky Brown surfs, skateboards and dances, and hopes to become Britain’s youngest ever summer Olympian by appearing at the Tokyo Games next year – she’ll be just 12.
Born in Miyazaki, Japan, to a British father and Japanese mother, Sky will be named as part of Great Britain’s skateboarding team aiming for the Olympics when it is announced on Thursday.
And, although there is still the small matter of qualifying to overcome, Sky doesn’t seem to let barriers bother her.
“I just want to get out there, have fun and I don’t really know who I’m competing with or any of that stuff,” she told BBC Sport.
As you would expect from a surfer, Sky has a pretty laid-back attitude to life, but don’t let that fool you – she is as determined as they come.
How do I start?
If you want to get into skateboarding, visiting a skate park is a great way to get started. The Skatepark Project website has a park finder for England, Scotland and Wales. There is also a list of parks in Northern Ireland.
What is it?
Skateboarding is a fast, thrilling action sport where you move around on a board, fitted with wheels. You can push off of the ground with one foot to start moving, or use ramps at a skate park to let gravity help you.
Is it for me?
Skateboarding is fun and social, you can do it on an indoor or outdoor skate park where you’ll get to meet lots of people. Learning exciting tricks and flips may take some time, but when you’ve mastered them you’ll get a great sense of personal achievement.
What to expect when I start?
 Improving coordination, balance and flexibility are just a few of the health benefits of skateboarding.
 You’ll start off slowly, learning the basics such as how to set off, make slight turns on your board and stop.
 With a bit of practice you’ll soon be making sharper turns, before moving onto small ramps.
 There is a strong social element to skateboarding – it is something you can do with your friends or make new mates at your local skate park.
 If you’re looking for a safe environment for children of all ages and disabilities, visit Sk8 Safe.
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