Run with friends around the world

Racefully is the new running app for iPhone that lets you run virtually with friends in real time – regardless of each runner’s location.

Just schedule a run, connect in the app, and Racefully will track a run between you and your friends – whether they’re in South East London or South East Asia!

Invite Friends

In just a couple of taps, find friends who are already using the app or invite them to download it and connect with you. You can go running together there and then or schedule a time to head out later. At your chosen time the app will count you all down – 3, 2, 1 – and you’re off!

Track Your Progress

From wherever you are in the world, start running and Racefully’s smart technology will track how you and your friend (or friends) are doing. Our run commentator provides regular audio updates on your progress, and she’ll speak over your music if you like to run to a beat.

Motivate Each Other

As you’re running, you can turn on chat mode and talk with just one friend or a whole group. You can either cheer friends on, or if you’re more competitive than that, tell them to keep up! You can also set a personal goal for how far, fast or often you want to run and choose to make it public so your friends can cheer you on. If your friends choose to make their goal public then you can support them too.

Keep Improving

Keep a record of all your runs with your personal stats and those of friends. If you want to run alone, you can use Racefully to record your pace, effort and calories burned, and all the information will be stored to your personal history.

Download the app in the App store or contact

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