Saffron Walden Maze Festival 2016

Could you make a maze?

For the next Saffron Walden Maze Festival on 20th – 21st August, we want the Common to be full of temporary mazes and labyrinths. Anyone can make one: an individual, group of friends, family, or community group. They are fun to create, and can promote something you care about, for example a maze in the shape of an organisation’s logo.

Mazes can be all sorts of shapes and designs. There are puzzle mazes with dead ends, like the one in Bridge End Gardens, and labyrinths with a single path to the centre, like the maze on the Common. They can be for walking through, or looking at.Mazes can be made of string, feathers, rice, plastic milk bottles, disposable cups, trays of plants, logs, straw bales, balloons, fabric scraps, carrier bags, odd socks, cardboard boxes – any materials which are safe and won’t leave permanent markings.

Mazes can be any size: the Common is big! There are lots of ideas on YouTube and Pinterest, and we can help on layout and design.

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