Smelling the roses

At a health and horticulture conference at the Hampton Court Flower Show experts from public health, horticulture and academia met to discuss the role gardening can play in the fight against chronic health conditions.

Sue Biggs, director general of the Royal Horticultural Society, has spoken of how the beauty of plants in her garden helped her recover from breast cancer.

She says gardening is also a way to heal communities.

“It’s not just about gardening and horticulture it’s also about happiness, because I can’t think of a better thing to make people happy – and they are tough times at the moment – and I think gardening, it’s just a joy,” she says.

“When you walk out into a garden and you literally smell the roses and see the bees buzzing on the lavender and just look at all that beautiful colour and scent, you can’t help but feel happier, and that can’t be a bad thing can it?”

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