Suffolk-The Most Active County

In Suffolk, a unique partnership of local authorities, public sector bodies, the voluntary sector and private companies has been established to begin to turn the tide of inactivity.

This partnership is branded Most Active County.

Since MAC was established…

16,000 more adults are achieving at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week since the partnership began

9,500 more adults are playing sport once a week

Beat the Street community walking programme in Lowestoft inspired 12,700 people to be active

27,000 more adults are playing sport at least 3 times a week

Parkrun and Great Run Local has seen 15,500 people run around the world 10 times

MAC has generated a combined economic impact of £6.2m from:

  • the Tour of Britain £3.25m
  • the Great East Swim £1.5m
  • the Women’s Tour £1.5m

29,000 more adults are walking for at least 10 minutes or more at least 5 times a week

9,500 more adults are cycling at least once a week

New activity has been established in 100 rural villages

6 Doorstep Sport Clubs and 3 Club1 initiatives have been established for young people in areas of deprivation

Suffolk Get Healthy Get Active programme has seen 3,500 inactive people play sport in the community

MAC has helped secure £1.7m of inward investment into Suffolk






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