Business Plan

comm hubThe Hub Management Committee want to build a large, creative flexible community space called the Hub, a place for advice and support agencies, a place for those who want to be involved in performance, film, music, photography, a place to meet old friends and a place to make new friends, a place of innovation, enterprise and engagement and, importantly, a place for everyone to enjoy and a place to have some fun!

The hub building above is the Churchhill Community Hub in Australia by Suters Architects.

The Hub Busines Plan


What Is The Hub ?


The Hub, would be a creative flexible space enclosed in an exciting new building, like this example above, promoting enterprise and innovation in the community – sited near the Lord Butler Leisure Centre, Saffron Walden.

Who will use the Hub?
It will be there for everyone to use and enjoy; a real community asset.

What will there be space for?

  • Getting creactive – art, film, music, photography, theatre and performance.
  • Getting help – advice, information and support services.
  • Getting ahead – a place to learn new skills and catch up on education.
  • Getting healthy – a café serving sustainable, healthy food.
  • Getting started – a couple of starter workshops for entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Getting outside – an allotment and an exciting green space to have fun in.
  • Getting playing – an innovative play area for adults and children to use together.

How The Hub Could Look Inside

The Hub building would be designed without the need of expensive maintenance.

The latest green technology has been researched by the hub committee and will be employed in the building.

We have investigated sustainable heating, water harvesting, waste disposal, air circulation and lighting and want to make sure that the costs of running the building are kept to an absolute minimum.

The diagram below demonstrates how the surrounding area could be used for a wide range of community projects. See our Hub News for the brochure on our ideas for an Integrated Hub for Saffron Walden.

open space

open space 2

hub layout