World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health day is held each year on the 10th October. The event is organised by the World Federation of Mental Health and the theme this year is ‘Dignity in Mental Health-Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All’.
World Mental Health day provides an opportunity to talk about mental health, the challenges we still face, and how these can be overcome.

The facts on mental health:
• 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year
• 3 children in every classroom suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder
• Those with severe mental illness die between 10 and 20 years earlier than the average person
• Childhood and teenage years pose all sorts of challenges and pressures that can be difficult to cope with. And young people can experience a range of mental health conditions, sometimes even before starting school.
• This can be worrying for parents, and very distressing for the children affected. They may be left confused about what they are experiencing, or who they can turn to for help.
• Many children whose symptoms are spotted early may get the help they need, learning new skills to manage and cope, and go on to live their life to its full potential.
• However those who don’t get the right diagnosis or support are at a much higher risk of developing more severe problems later in life.

Children and young people can get help or advice on a mental health problem from NHS Choices. Young Minds also offer a helpline for parents who are concerned about a young person’s mental health.

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