You bin old clothes? That’s so last year!

Recycle for Essex are taking part in a county-wide campaign with Love Your Clothes to encourage residents to reuse and recycle old clothes and textiles. In each UK home, about £1,200 worth of clothes lies forgotten and unworn. That’s a lot of money residents in Essex could be saving.

If you no longer want a particular item or outfit, someone else probably will. Unwanted clothes can be resold, rejuvenated, recycled or given to charity. There are so many ways to make the most of them, bringing you money along the way.

Councillor Simon Walsh, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Waste said: “We all need to think ‘do I need it?’ before we buy, to be better informed when we purchase clothing, to choose pre-owned options more frequently, to learn long-lost repair and fixing skills, to get creative with clothing and to share and donate what’s unwanted. Last but not least, of course, we need to keep all clothing and textiles out of the bin”.

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